What is Something Wonderful about Lincolnshire?

 Empty beaches on a cloudy day.

 Cathedral in sunset.

  The fen landscapes. The plum bread.

   The magnificent skies.

    An independent self-reliance.

     The horizon.


       The people.

        The isolation.

         The sunsets.

What was wonderful about The Penny Readings? 

It was like hearing a bedtime story. Gorgeous.

Really evoked lots of images of Lincolnshire and made me realise how much I love living where I live.

Peace and time.

Capturing a feeling of the essence of Lincolnshire.

The feeling of a sort of peaceful adventure.

All of it. Unique.

True observations, you just walked along with the reader.


Unique, different, inspiring, riveting.

The little things about places.

A unique imaginative journey which makes me think about where I live anew… Magical.

That you put our county of Lincolnshire on the map.

The poetry, the details. The shoulder to shoulder of nostalgia and present tense.

The images conjured up by the stories.

Quirky and poignant.

The research and the attention to detail. The pace of the show matched the feel of the county.

Innovative, amusing, interesting, ground-breaking.

The flow of words depicting so many different images.

The whole experience- choice of words, music, pace, images created.

I could visualise it all by the words. Wonderful.


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