We left

without properly saying goodbye; just turned and headed for home. And it has taken this long, these strange few weeks, to begin to put together the pieces; to start to re-surface, unpack the boxes and baskets, wonder what was wonderful. Back in Liverpool, there are sunsets, there are places to shelter. But the sky is smaller. And we miss new-found friends and a certain freedom. There is no place like home, and yet we have left something of ourselves there. And it seems like a dream.

Being here

in North Hykeham. Two pianos, played lovely. Scent of chlorine. Frothy coffee from the machine, a handful of chocolate, fading chalk under puddles. Plotting routes. We travelled the edges, and went out, and came in again. Birds overhead. A boat adrift in a field. Sunshine and mist. Time and space to play with light.


to Sunshine Gray, an artist in Lincoln, who makes things from light and sound; and who has shed the beams of her friendship, knowledge and curiosity upon our week in Lincoln. And also created a very fine sound installation, WC, currently to be heard in the Drill Hall conveniences.