In some ways Something Wonderful is just about ‘home’. The sense of place. How we respond to it and how it shapes us. How we might see the everyday as something other than mundane… As wonderful.

And for us, right now, back home after our latest round of explorations, we find ourselves in some sort of limbo… Neither here nor there.
After days away, looking intently at other places, it is hard to switch off. To avoid looking at this familiar place with the same strangers’ eyes… Seeking meaning in faces, in graffiti, in overheard conversations, in the building that has been pulled down in our absence (why?), in the weather and the sky…

Perhaps this is useful? Perhaps The Penny Readings will also be about our own sense of home. (And we remember Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities, and how, in that story, Marco Polo reflects on his journeys to China but all the time talks only about his home town of Venice…)

And, scattered around the front room, our half-way curated collection of Lincolnshire finds; a card table, 78 records, jigsaw puzzles, postcards, books (potatoes, clocks, geology, toys), a plastic telescope, film reels, rusted metal scraps…

There is washing to be done, and an inventory to be made.