Strangely, we have been at home for a day, catching up on the rest of our lives.

We left Stamford on Friday afternoon in a shower of rain, and just before it went into lockdown as a rehearsal for the passing of the Olympic torch got underway. Surreal atmosphere, and strange again, as the previous time we visited this town we found half of the same roads closed for the Burghley Horse Trials. Is someone on to us?

Stamford was a town of mirrors and reflections and self-reflection. We took a turn in the Assembly rooms and took photographs of ourselves in shop windows. The cream stone of the buildings made some of us think of childhoods in another limestone town. Are we formed by geology as well as landscape?

On our way home, steaming with rain-soak, we called into Woolsthorpe Manor to pay our respects to the apple tree. We reflect on gravity and recall, in Grantham, the Issac Newton Shopping Arcade.

And now we have caught up. Soon we leave for North Hykeham and the next instalment of our travels.