In Grantham, watching the rain, and a chance to catch up with ourselves again.

Reading a Lincoln notebook we remember the clocks of the Usher gallery. Clock faces from a time when each town operated according to its own local time. This connects with one of our questions in this project; ‘what is it that makes a place unique?’ Which things are the same as other places; which different?

We have seen a lot of hats here. And shop windows full of bridal gowns.

At the Drill Hall, a tour of the flag tower. Dessicated, airy, abandoned. We might find something wonderful in this…

At LPAC we wonder about living on the wrong side of the tracks. Downhill, and the cathedral above…

One evening we saw a man taking a photograph of the full moon rising, on his mobile phone, and then walk on across the gravel car park and away.